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Transportation of timber in seacontainers

Transportation of timber in seacontainers

Usually, timber is the general cargo, and for it's transportation use bulk vessels and railway wagons. After accumulating а certain quantity of cargo, the shipper or buyer charter the vessel and ship timber to port of destination. This way is cost-optimized, but it plagued by significant gaps:

  1. Shipper needs to collect large quantities of timber (more than 1000 cubic meters).
  2. High quantity of transhipment's operations – discharging from wagons, storage on open air, loading on board and e.c. The result is the lost of quality of the goods.
  3. It difficult to charter the vessel if port of destination is out of the popular vessel's lines.

Last time we can see reducing railway and sea transportation of the timber due market downfall. But at the same time transportation of timber in seacontainers is growing constantly.

For example, the large saw mills from Lesosibirsk send the timber to Aliexndria, Demetta and Tartus using special container's trains, and the other shippers begin to ship timber in containers.

If You want to buy hight quality timber, we are strongly recommend that Your supplier to ship it use container. Why?

  1. You can buy a small quantity of timber (is about 50 cubic meters or less)
  2. Yours timber doesn't loss of quality due to transshipment operations.
  3. The costs of handling are reduce.
  4. It possible to ship container anywhere in the world.

Our company “YTF” provides full range of services for export timber in seacontainers. We solve all problems at Novorossiysk port.

  1. Your supplier makes timber's packages according internal dimensions of container.
  2. He sends it on railway wagon to Novorossiysk.
  3. We organize transshipment the timber from wagon to containers.
  4. We make the custom's clearance, to prepare full set of documents for export.
  5. We delivery the containers alongside of the vessel and load it on board.

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