Our advantages

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Multimodal Container Transportation or “Door-to-Door” Cargo Delivery

International container traffic allows to implement our Clients’ goods transportation from one country to another changing several kinds of transport and excluding herewith additional costs and time expenses for overloading. 

Our services

  • Working out scheme of goods delivery by different kinds of transport taking into account existing and developing new routes.
  • Delivery of container from warehouse of a foreign supplier to the Client’s warehouse door anywhere in Russia without overloading, by means of optimal combination of sea, railway and motor kinds of transport, including:
  • Delivery of empty container to the warehouse of foreign supplier for loading      
  • Delivery of loaded container from the warehouse of foreign supplier to the sea port of the importing country              
  • Preparing customs and export documents in the importing country             
  • Loading of container to the sea ship
  • Organizing container transportation by sea from the importing country to our country through the port of Novorossiysk    
  • Discharging container from the ship and forwarding inside port
  • Customs clearance of cargo
  • Organizing additional procedures (certification, phytosanitary control, survey services, goods insurance, etc.)  
  • Motor transportation of container with cargo till the warehouse of consignee, also using customs transit  
  • Organizing container transportation by railway 
  • Reloading of cargo from a container to a tented truck and delivery of cargo to the consignee’s warehouse


Our priorities:

  • Minimal time spent for cargo delivery to the Client’s warehouse;
  • High qualities of the rendered services;
  • Individual approach to the Client;
  • Reliability and guarantee of cargo safety.


Competence of our staff members, experience in optimization of routes and kinds of transport, possibility of  supplying special kinds of vehicles, reliable partners all over the world – all these factors can guarantee our Clients an optimal logistic solution.