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Freight forwarding in port of Novorossiysk

Our company renders full complex of freight services on all container terminals in the port of Novorossiysk.

Port forwarding is a service consisting of many mutually complementary procedures and every of them can be implemented only by specialist:

  • Controlling accuracy of filling in documents provided by Client                      
  • Cooperating with line agents and providing them with all necessary documents and port dues payment             
  • Organizing all required customs procedures (weighing, Mobile inspection and screening complex, inspection), receiving acts from Federal Customs Service and providing photo reports       
  • Presence of our specialist during all handing operations with cargo in port
  • Organizing dockers’ work        
  • Cooperating with involved services (sanitary-epidemiological agency, veterinary and phytosanitary inspection, fumigation group, «Rosselkhoznadzor», radiation surveillance, etc.)       
  • Taking samples and materials for analyses and providing Statements of Sampling                
  • Payment of dues to the abovementioned departments                   
  • Receiving passes on the territory of port for cars and specialists               
  • Preparing transport documentation, other approval documents                            
  • Taking cargo out of the port                 
  • Cross-docking of cargo, providing statements and photo reports    
  • Taking the cargo into pallets, fixation, packaging                                      
  • Storage of goods outside the port             
  • Putting additional seals and ZPU (special locking and sealing device)        

If client decides to fulfill all procedures by himself he is risking to incur big costs because of incorrectly prepared documents and lack of knowledge about all the services‘ requirements.

Entrusting to fulfill all the above mentioned procedures to our company is the right decision!

Our company can guarantee to our clients competent and accurate fulfillment of all taken obligations. High professionalism and well-developed cooperation with port services, inspections and authorities, partners and outsourcing service providers – all these factors allow our company to do our work competent and in minimal short terms, and it naturally results in reducing of expenses and financial losses for our clients.