Our advantages

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Additional services

Survey services

It is a complex of actions, connected with the detailed examination of cargo, assessment of its conformity to qualities and quantity according to the standards.
Only accredited companies can render survey services.
Our survey specialist will collect and analyze all the necessary information, will attend cargo examination procedure or cargo transshipment and according to the results of survey he will perform you a report.
The report will hold full information about cargo quantity and quality, and, if necessary, recommendations to the owner about optimal methods to eliminate violations.

Goods certification

According to the legislation foreign goods imported to the country are subject to certification in accordance with the Russian standards of certification.
Promptly and efficiently we will prepare full package of documents proving the conformity of your goods and deliver these documents to the Customs Authorities.
We will carry out procedures advancing issuance of sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, certificates, quarantine control acts. We will advance issuance of veterinary control acts, fumigation acts.

Goods insurance

YTF, Ltd. Co. insures both internal and external variants of transportation of goods of any categories under special insuring conditions with “A” condition (“with liability for all risks”).
Insuring of goods carried by any kinds of transport is fulfilled under special rates beginning from 0,098%.