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Export of grain from Russia

Export of grain from Russia

Our company offers a grain transportation scheme using standard 20ft and 40ft containers.

The scheme provides for the possibility of loading grain from the floor storage warehouse into containers installed on car trailers, or re-loading grain from grain carriers into containers. In the future, after the fumigation procedure, the containers are reloaded to sea vessels for export.

The main advantages of this method are:

Available to large and small agricultural enterprises, including those that do not have their own access railway tracks and are forced to use only motor transport
Possibility of shipment in small batches of 20-26 tons
Transportation can be carried out all year round
Extended geography of deliveries
Minimal contact with the product, the absence of polluting factors
Cargo protection from pollution, toxic impurities and salt air
Reduce packaging costs per unit of production
Delivery of products "from door to door".
We organize sea transportation of grain containers from the port of Novorossiysk to any port in the world.
Grain export
We will help farmers who want to bring their business to the international level to organize grain exports.

exporters are able to enter into lucrative contracts for relatively small volumes;
the cargo carrier can confidently guarantee the safety of product quality along the entire route (the containers provided by us are specially processed and hermetically sealed);
significantly reduced loading and unloading time;
grain export in containers can be carried out in any weather conditions;
cargo transportation in containers does not require additional packaging costs.

How we work:

We have our own fleet of vehicles: if you need grain trucks, we will provide them to you. We also have containers of particularly popular volumes – 20 and 40-foot containers.

We provide a full range of services, i.e. door-to-door delivery. Among our specialized offerings is to provide surveying services. It includes a number of measures aimed at checking the cargo (visual inspection, quality control, checking documents and cargo space before/after unloading, conducting independent examinations, etc.).

Our experience and extensive partnerships allow us to fulfill all our obligations: organize the most profitable routes, meet delivery deadlines, and offer competitive prices. In addition, in the field of international sea transportation, we have literally unlimited opportunities – we are able to carry out container delivery of Your cargo anywhere in the world. And to control all the stages of its implementation, we will provide forwarding support.