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Customs clearance of goods

Our Company renders complex of services such as transit customs clearance and goods customs clearance in Novorossiysk on professional level and in short terms:

Customs transit

Customs transit is a customs procedure when cargo is transported under customs control over the territory of Customs Union starting from customs authorities at the place of departure till customs authorities at the place of destination, without payment of customs duties. 

Transportation under conditions of Customs transit has some advantages:

  • Possibility to transport goods without customs clearance and dues payment. The cargo is transported to the place of destination without customs formalities, customs clearance is to be made after arrival;   
  • Significant simplification of the procedure;
  • Reduced period of cargo delivery, optimization of logistic operations.

You may use Customs Transit, if you need to transport:

  • Transit foreign goods, which will be moved out of the country;
  • Import goods which are necessary to transport from the place of arrival to internal Customs office;
  • Goods which are transported from internal Customs office till Customs office at the place of departure;
  • Foreign goods transported between internal Customs offices;
  • Goods of the Customs Union transported between Customs offices at the places of departure and arrival through the territory of the country, which is not a member of the Customs Union.

Customs transit procedure implies providing customs inspector with document containing all necessary information about the cargo, its buyer and seller; name and code of customs station where you are going to clear your goods; kind of transportation to fulfill delivery. According to this information terms of transit will be defined in accordance with the Federal Customs Services regulations.        

During transit owner of the cargo has to deposit money or draw up a bailment, etc. as a guarantee of payment of customs duties. As an alternative you may apply to customs carrier, i.e. to our company. Our company is a customs carrier of the Customs Union (Certificate of entry into Customs Carriers’ Registry).

Documents necessary to draw up transit in Novorossiysk:

  1. Forwarding services contract;
  2. Power of attorney from consignee stated in the Bill of Lading, for representing your interests at Customs office, ports, etc.;
  3. 3 original Bills of Lading, or telex-release;
  4. Original invoice;
  5. Original packing list;
  6. Letter indicating code or name of customs station in the place of destination, as well as H.S.Codes.

 «Customs clearance» - goods customs declaring 

Customs declaring should be applied to all goods imported into Russian Federation from the territory of states who are not members of Customs Union, as well as goods exported outside the territory of the Customs Union.          

Customs clearance of goods is a complex service, which implies declaring of goods crossing borders of our country. To fulfill the clearance you need:

  • To complete customs declarations and to prepare rather big pack of documents concerning cargo and legal entity transporting it       
  • To provide goods for inspection       
  • To calculate and to pay dues according to H.S.Codes             

Our Company renders full complex of services: 

  • Preparing documents, calculation of dues, matching H.S. Codes;
  • Registration of foreign trade operator in customs bodies;
  • Customs declaration completing and handing;
  • Dues payment;
  • Consultations referring optimal customs treatment;
  • Goods customs clearance according to complicate treatments, which require special conditions of storing, etc.;
  • Checking of contract compliance to the requirements of controlling authorities;
  • Assistance in receiving documents from certification authorities;
  • Expert appraisal and control of customs service actions during veterinary, sanitary and epidemiological and other kinds of inspections;
  • After clearance goods following;
  • Temporary storage of goods in warehouse observing appropriate temperature and humidity conditions.

List of documents required for customs clearance

Preparing and collecting documents necessary to conduct customs clearance in Novorossiysk is rather time-taking process which requires special skills and knowledge in the sphere of customs legislation. Any attempts to conduct clearance on your own usually lead to the considerable delay of cargo in the warehouses of temporary storage which results in increasing cost value. The better decision is entrusting this procedure to the specialists of our company who have the rich experience in solving of routine and non-standard problems. Time spent for the customs clearance made by efforts of our specialists is minimal.  

To entrust our professionals means significant reducing of non-productive expenses for the customs clearance of goods.