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Container transportation by sea

Container transportation by sea

Having well-organized partnership with all container lines, our company offers services of foreign-trade goods container transportation.

High degree of professionalism and accumulated operational experience enables our company to render services corresponding to the world standards of quality, terms and safety in the sphere of sea transportation, with competitive rates and maximal observance of client’s interests and wishes.

International sea transportation is carried out after development of optimal traffic routings and logistic plans, which allows significant reducing of time of goods delivery from any place of the world. This can guarantee high speed and safety. Our specialists can guarantee to our clients execution of their orders of any complexity with the most optimal relationships of terms and shipping rates.

Benefits of cargo transportation by sea:

  • First of all it is reliability of transportation and safety of goods;
  • The other important thing is cost of cargo delivery. Final cost of cargo delivery by sea makes this kind of transportation highly profitable;
  • Guaranteed transit time of delivery, in accordance with schedule of container lines;
  • Possibility of transportation of different kinds of cargo depending on types of container;
  • Design of modern containers allows transportation of cargoes of different layouts, dimensions and tonnage, including outsized cargo;
  • Handling operation in ports are entirely automatized and it reduces damage risks;
  • During multimodal transportation there is no necessity to change packaging as we use standard types of containers which can be easily transshipped on rail transport or container trucks.

Our partners:

Our company renders competent service which allows controlling container location during the whole route, getting full and timely information about loading/unloading date and transit dates.

Cost of container transportation by sea

The cost of transportation depends on several factors:

  • Terms of goods delivery;
  • Container dimensions;
  • Weight and type of cargo;
  • Necessary transit time of delivery.

When our clients entrust us with transportation from China, USA or any European countries of general, mixed, heavy-weight and outsized cargoes or refrigerator containers they can be sure in individual approach for working out of commercial offer and safety of their cargo. Personnel of our company will analyze all details of your demand and offer optimal prices for sea transportation.

Cost of service

Quality of cargo transportation by sea is determined not only by time and cost, but also by degree of goods preservation. Sea container serves as effective protection of goods from weather hostility and possible handling errors in ports. Container as a universal transport unit provides comfortable loading, storing and safe restraint on shipboard.

Sea containers have standard dimensions; basic dimensions are 20 and 40 feet. Refrigerator containers provide necessary temperature and humidity conditions. The biggest quantity of container cargo transportation is carried out by sea lines.

Sea lines or line shipping means transportation over the fixed routes according to schedule with calls to fixed ports and this has some advantages; the low freight cost is one of them. You can charter whether the whole ship or separate cargo package which is economically profitable for the client. On the most popular directions of cargo traffic, such as China, several line operators are working simultaneously and it allows choosing the line with the best freight offer.

With existing variety of modifications we can find container nearly for any cargo. Delivery of dangerous cargo implies individual approach; when developing plan of delivery we take into account load attributes and all existing international standards for providing security and control. Sea transportation of dangerous cargo requires pack of documents (certificates, cargo safety certificate, etc.), conditioning safety measures. Empty container before the next usage is exposed to cleaning and decontamination.

We value our every client and work for reliable partnership!